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Dances for NFF Farewell Dance

Mon 22nd Apr 2019 3:00PM - 5:00PM

Dances will be from the following list:
1 Boston Two-StepDance instructions buttonCouple
2 Daniel's FavouriteDance instructions buttonLongways
3 Arkansas TravellerDance instructions buttonQuadrille
4 Circassian Circle part 2Dance instructions buttonCircle
5 Virginia ReelDance instructions buttonLongways
6 Dashing White SergeantDance instructions button3 x 3
7 Tudor WaltzDance instructions buttonCouple
8 Blaydon RacesDance instructions buttonCircle
9 The Can-Can QuadrilleDance instructions buttonQuadrille
10 Pride of ErinDance instructions buttonCouple
11 Divide by ThreesDance instructions button3 x 3
12 Willow TreeDance instructions buttonLongways
13 Jacaranda DanceDance instructions buttonCircle
14 Swing WaltzDance instructions buttonCouple
15 Waves of ToryDance instructions buttonLongways
16 So Long, FarewellDance instructions buttonCircle