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Collector's Choice Volume 1 Collector's Choice Volume 1
by Peter Ellis
Includes over 180 tunes for bush dancing; Quadrilles and folk-style couples dances.
Collector's Choice Volume 2 Collector's Choice Volume 2
by Peter Ellis
Includes over 250 tunes in brackets for 40 bush dances and Old Time sets.
Collector's Choice Volume 3 Collector's Choice Volume 3
by Peter Ellis
Includes over 300 tunes for 40 dances, with a selection for special occasions and novelties.
Joy Durst Memorial Songbook Joy Durst Memorial Song Collection
Published by the VFMC
100 songs with music, including guitar chords.
Take Your Partners Take Your Partners
by Shirley Andrews
A hardcover, including history of dancing in Australia, with instructions for 68 dances.
Music Makes Me Smile Music Makes Me Smile
by Peter Ellis and Harry Gardner
This is a tribute publication to Con Klippel and the music of the Nariel Valley, Victoria. It's full of history, dance music and dance instructions.
Music for Colonial Dancing Music for Colonial Dancing
A CD and instruction book covering 10 dances. Great value.