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Billabong Band Dance Music Sets
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  • Galopede Set: Herb Gimbert's Set Tune, In & Out The Dirty Windows, Nut Brown Maiden, Jamie Allen
  • The Gates Of Moy: The Shaalds Of Foula, Tunes (1) and (2)
  • Gay Gordons: from RFC - Scotland The Brave, A Donald A Bu, I love A Lassie, Stop Yer Tickling Jock
  • The Grand March: Charlie Mops, Cockies Of Bungaree, Flash Jack, Drover's Dream, Wallaby Stew, Click Go The Shears, Waltzing Matilda (Buderim), Bullocky-O, Backblock Shearer, Old Bullock Dray, Waltzing Matilda (Macpherson)
  • Grand March: Old Bush Shanty, Gum Trees by the Roadway, The Road to Gundagai, Croajingolong, When the Rain Tumbles Down In July
  • Gumnuts Quadrille: Yabby Catcher, Foster Jig and Purple Jenny
  • Gypsy Tap: Guilford Orchestra's March in D
  • Gypsy Tap: Set 1: McNamara's Band, Click Go The Shears. Set 2: Who Were You With Last Night, IYKS
  • (5b) Gypsy Tap - McNamara's Band, Charlie Mopps
  • Kilarney Waltz: Planxty Irwin, For Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Name
  • King's Waltz: Fritz Schick's Waltz, Ziebarth's Waltz, Moonlight
  • National Quadrille Figures 1 to 5
    • Figure 1: Oranges and lemons, Drink To Me Only,She's a Lassie from Lancashire
    • Figure 2: Land of My Fathers, All through The Night, The Asgrove
    • Figure 3: The Bluebells Of Scotlland, The Northern Lights Of Old Aberdeen, Westering Home
    • Figure 4: St Patrick's Day, Irish Washerwoman, Planxty Irwin, For Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Name
    • Figure 5: Polly Perkins/Oranges and Lemons, Ap Shenkin, Skye Boat Song/The Clans are Gathering, Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms, Cockles and Mussels Hastet To The Wedding
  • Ninepins Quadrille: Gary Owen, Rakes Of Kildare
  • Ninepins Quadrille: Minstrel's Fancy, Cats In The Village, Dingle Regatta
  • Offa's Dyke: own tune
  • Old Swing Waltz: Bracket 1: Frank Bourke's Old Swing Waltz, Down at the Old Bull and Bush & Edlw. Bracket 2: Planxty Fanny Power, Ball Glen.
  • Parma Waltz: Bracket 1 - Black Velvet Band, Springtime It Brings On The Shearing, Reedy Lagoon. Bracket 2 - Merry Widow, Bonny Doon
  • Parma Waltz: Max's Waltz, Only a Leaf, Whroo Band Waltz
  • Petronella: own tune
  • Polka Quadrille: See Me Dance the Polka, Mr Semmen's Polka, Buffalo Girls, Jenny Lind, Elma's Polka, Coda - See Me Dance the Polka
  • Polka Quadrille: (Arr. Chris Wendt)So Early In The Morning, Shoemaker Polka, Girl Dressed in Blue, Jenny Lind
  • Polka Quadrille: (Modified Harry Gardner) So Early In The Morning, Shoemaker Polka, Girl Dressed in Blue, Jenny Lind
  • Postie’s Jig: Bonnie Dundee, Cock O’ The North (Aunty Mary), 100 Pipers
  • The Pride of Erin: Bracket 1 - Wild Rover, Botany Bay, The Wild Colonial Boy. Bracket 2 - The Catalpa, The Dying Stockman
  • Pride of Erin: Midnight Waltz, Max's Waltz, Jack and Marie's Waltz
  • Virginia Reel :
    • Page 1 - Portsmouth, Haste to the Wedding, Grand Old Duke of York
    • Page 2 - Turkey in the Straw, When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again, Carry Me Back to Old Virginny
  • Virginia Reel arr. Peter Ellis: Turkey in Straw, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Carry Me Back To Old Virginny
  • Virginia Reel (American reels): Redwing, Red River Valley, Turkey In The Straw
  • Virginia Reel (VFMC medley of tunes and rhythms): Set 1: Marie's Wedding, 100 Pipers, Scotland the Brave. Set 2: Kelvin Grove, Mucking of Geordie's Byre, Loch Lomond

Updated 24/02/2017