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Woolshed BallSat 25th May 2024  7:30PM
National Folk Festival Farewell DanceMon 1st Apr 2024  4:00PM
Family Bush DanceSat 2nd Dec 2023  8:00PM
Children's Bush DanceSat 18th Nov 2023  2:00PM
Children's Bush DanceSat 15th Jul 2023  2:00PM
ConcertTue 13th Jun 2023  7:45PM
Woolshed BallSat 27th May 2023  7:30PM
Family Bush Dance (hall)Sat 3rd Dec 2022  8:00PM
Children's Bush DanceSat 20th Aug 2022  2:00PM
Woolshed BallSat 28th May 2022  7:30PM
Family Bush Dance (hall)Sat 2nd Apr 2022  8:00PM
Children's Bush DanceSat 19th Mar 2022  2:00PM
End of Year Family Bush Dance (hall)Sat 4th Dec 2021  8:00PM
RegisFri 3rd Dec 2021  1:30PM
Children's Bush DanceSat 20th Nov 2021  2:00PM
Ringwood Highland GamesSun 3rd Oct 2021  12:00AM
Children's Bush DanceSat 21st Aug 2021  2:00PM
RegisFri 28th May 2021  1:30PM
Woolshed BallSat 22nd May 2021  7:30PM
Children's Bush DanceSat 17th Apr 2021  2:00PM
Family Bush DanceSat 6th Mar 2021  8:00PM
LionsbraeFri 18th Dec 2020  2:00PM
Family Bush DanceSat 5th Dec 2020  8:00PM
LionsbraeFri 23rd Oct 2020  2:00PM
Children's Bush DanceSat 19th Sep 2020  2:00PM
LionsbraeFri 28th Aug 2020  2:00PM
Mooroolbark Residential CareMon 27th Jul 2020  1:45PM
LionsbraeFri 5th Jun 2020  2:00PM
Woolshed BallSat 23rd May 2020  7:30PM
Children's Bush DanceSat 18th Apr 2020  2:00PM
N F F Farewell DanceMon 13th Apr 2020  3:00PM
NFF Themed ConcertFri 10th Apr 2020  10:00AM
Joy Durst Themed ConcertTue 31st Mar 2020  7:45PM
Ringwood Highland GamesSun 29th Mar 2020  2:00PM
LionsbraeFri 20th Mar 2020  2:00PM
Croydon's over 55s Bush DanceMon 2nd Mar 2020  10:00AM
LionsbraeFri 24th Jan 2020  2:00PM
Donwood Aged CareThu 23rd Jan 2020  1:30PM
Karl's 50th Birthday (Wandin)Sat 14th Dec 2019  8:00PM
Family Bush DanceSat 7th Dec 2019  8:00PM
Senior Citz ConcertSat 7th Dec 2019  1:30PM
LionsbraeFri 6th Dec 2019  2:00PM
Tony's retirement groupWed 4th Dec 2019  1:00PM
Children's Bush DanceSat 16th Nov 2019  2:00PM
Maroondah FestivalSun 10th Nov 2019  11:30AM
Woolshed BallSat 12th Oct 2019  7:30PM
LionsbraeFri 4th Oct 2019  2:00PM
WillowbraeThu 12th Sep 2019  2:00PM
Wattle DaySun 25th Aug 2019  10:30AM
LionsbraeFri 2nd Aug 2019  2:00PM
Children's Bush DanceSat 15th Jun 2019  2:00PM
LionsbraeFri 31st May 2019  2:00PM
NFF Farewell DanceMon 22nd Apr 2019  3:00PM
NFF Bushrangers ConcertSat 20th Apr 2019  10:30AM
Banyule Council Bush DanceFri 12th Apr 2019  7:30PM
Highland GamesSun 31st Mar 2019  10:20AM
LionsbraeFri 29th Mar 2019  2:00PM
Croydon Multicultural FestivalSun 17th Mar 2019  2:15PM
Family Bush DanceSat 1st Dec 2018  8:00PM
Children's Bush DanceSat 20th Oct 2018  2:00PM
Woolshed BallFri 28th Sep 2018  7:30PM
Woolshed BallSat 26th May 2018  7:30PM
Goldfields ConcertFri 30th Mar 2018  5:00PM
N F F Heritage BallSun 18th Mar 2018  8:00PM
Family Bush DanceSun 3rd Dec 2017  8:00PM
Woolshed BallSat 30th Sep 2017  7:30PM
Woolshed BallSat 27th May 2017  7:30PM
Family Bush DanceSat 3rd Dec 2016  8:00PM
Woolshed BallSat 8th Oct 2016  7:45PM
Woolshed BallSat 28th May 2016  8:00PM
N F F Heritage BallSun 27th Mar 2016  8:00PM
N F F Family DanceSun 27th Mar 2016  5:00PM
Family Bush DanceSat 5th Dec 2015  8:00PM
Peter Ellis Tribute BallSat 17th Oct 2015  8:00PM
Woolshed BallSat 23rd May 2015  8:00PM
Family Bush DanceSat 6th Dec 2014  8:00PM
Colonials 40th Birthday DanceSat 15th Nov 2014  8:00PM
Dancers' DanceSat 18th Oct 2014  8:00PM
Family Bush DanceSun 1st Dec 2013  8:00PM
Woolshed BallSat 25th May 2013  8:00PM
Family Bush DanceSun 5th May 2013  8:00PM
Family Bush DanceSat 1st Dec 2012  8:00PM
Woolshed BallSat 13th Oct 2012  8:00PM
Woolshed BallSat 26th May 2012  8:00PM
Family Bush DanceSat 3rd Dec 2011  8:00PM
Woolshed BallSat 28th May 2011  6:00PM
N F F Welcome DanceThu 21st Apr 2011  6:00PM
Family Bush DanceSat 4th Dec 2010  8:00PM
Family Bush DanceSat 5th Dec 2009  8:00PM
Family Bush DanceSat 6th Jun 2009  8:00PM
Family Bush DanceSat 6th Dec 2008  8:00PM
Family Bush DanceSat 1st Dec 2007  8:00PM
Family Bush DanceSat 2nd Dec 2006  8:00PM

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