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Australian Folk Tunes Galore

  Australian Folk Tunes: play at Ringwood East sessions as below (Tel.s 03 9870 8998 or 040 870 8998) and gradually develop the skills (i) to play tunes from memory and (ii) to follow other players by ear: -

  • For fiddlers every Monday evening, The Fireside Fiddlers' session, Harry's place
  • For all instrumentalists every Tuesday evening sessions at 6:30 pm and 8 pm in Ringwood East Community Hall
  • However on monthly second Tuesdays we meet on stage on cool evenings and in winter
  • For all instruments, mainly to accompany singers, most Saturdays busking in Railway Avenue, Ringwood East, at 11 am
  • For all instrumentalists, Friday evenings 7:45 pm, Harry's place
  • For all instrumentalists and singers, monthly first Thursdays 8 pm, Harry's place
  • For all instrumentalists yearly at the Wattle Day Festival, Ringwood East Scouts or Senior Citizen's Hall, all day
  • Playbacks and recordings: many tunes listed below have playbacks for learning whilst others have live recordings. We suggest: (a) listen to the audio file playback to get the idea of the tune, (b) play along with the sound at the lowest speed provided, (c) use the score only when you can't identify a note.

    Busking in Ringwood East

    Tune of the Week, Tuesdays, 28 November to 20 December, 2017, inclusive:- Frank Forde's 1st Set Tune

    Using a computerised learning method the 6:30 pm Tuesday Australian Folk Tunes Session (see below) is now working its way down the Settlers' List to get a good understanding of early Australian folk music.

    Future Club Gigs -

    Alphabetical Index - Sixteen hundred entries that are compiled from the following lists

    Files arranged by HG 29/03/17

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