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The "Fireside Fiddlers"

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The aims of the VFMC are:

(i) to preserve, research and popularise our Australian Folklore Heritage of traditional songs, music, poetry, prose and dance,

(ii) to encourage the creation of contemporary songs, music, poetry, prose and dance in the traditional style, and

(iii) to maintain forums where singers, musicians reciters, dancers and interested organisations may exchange information, receive help and guidance for the understanding and promotion of Australian Folklore.

Tunes are listed below according to composition:

(A) members and friends of the Victorian Folk Music Club whose tunes have been played in the Club sessions at Ringwood East,

(B) distant composers, both contemporary and ancient, and

(C and D) the true folk composer, Anon!

On parade at La Trobes Cottage, Australia Day

(A) Composed by players in and friends of the VFMC sessions, Ringwood East, Victoria, Australia

Bill Buttler
Maree Buttler
Lisa Christensen
Raymond Crooke
Harry Gardner
Rick Garrick
Cameron Hibbs
Helen Jonah, nee Mckay
David Johnson
James Johnson
Con Klippel
Keith Klippel
Ted Konig
Peter Lim
Jim Moir
Clem Parkinson
Andy Rigby
Matt Robertson
Maggie Somerville
Brian Venten
Jill Watson
Greg Woodruff

(B) Distant ancient and modern composers, many in the folk tradition

W. Bull
Pat Dunlop
W Fergusson
Henry Lawson
Li Yi-Ruo
Robert Mackintosh
Christina Macpherson & Banjo Paterson
Patrick Dodds McCormick
Thomas Moore
J. Paine
David and Jan Raff
Vincent Scotto
J. S. Skinner
Septimus Winner
Henry Clay Work
Lilly (Her surname is to be found). Her song is from England, but is uploaded here with Australian lyrics
Sebastian Yradier, ca 1863, Spain

(C) Anonymous Australian, sometimes with several informants.

(D) Anonymous, imported.

List by Title List by Composer List by State