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Joy Durst Memorial Song Collection
This publication is available for no charge for non-commercial use

First published in 1970, this fine collection of Australian songs was dedicated to the memory of one of the founders of the original Billabong Band, Joy Durst. Evolved from the band's original repertoire, the book covers a wide range, with lyrics and music (including guitar chords) for 100 songs. Many of the songs are well-known standards (including "Waltzing Matilda", "Click Go the Shears" etc.), but there are enough new songs to make it a worthwhile addition to any collection (e.g. "Bryant's Ranges", "It's On!", "Goondiwindi Song" etc.). The 1980 second edition included additional verses and revised music for some tunes. Edition 2 was 113 pages - spiral-bound so it could be opened out flat.

The 2020 3rd edition is the result of a major revision effort. While remaining true to the versions of the songs originally published, a number of errors have been corrected. Much investigation was required, and the book is now extended with detailed notes, a glossary of vintage and often obscure terms, and a gazeteer of place names and geographic details referenced in the songs (and linkable to Google Earth). Possible introductions and "fills" between verses have been added. Two styles of presentation are available:

Style "A"

Sample style A

Text of one verse within the score.

Style "B"

Sample style B

Text of all verses within the score.

The book can also be accessed as a computer .pdf file with search and hyperlink features, access to "A" and "B" style pages and MIDI audio files.

To encourage performance of these songs, key changes are facilitated by the inclusion of computer editable score files in Musescore and MXL formats.

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