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Previous Guest Artists

Artists who have performed at Ringwood Folk in previous years, by date.

Note that the Name of the artist or band will be a link to their website, provided they have informed the VFMC of its location. These were correct and active at the time they were provided, but sites come and go and there is a fair chance that some of these will not work. As these are external links, the VFMC takes no responsibility for their content.


December 2013 Faux Grass
November 2013 Nick Charles
October 2013 Barbara Jeffrey and John Rogers
supported by The Jam Tarts
September 2013 Saoirse
Supported by Sweet Sassafras
August 2013 Enda Kenny
July 2013 The HillWilliams
supported by Journey Bound
June 2013 Andy Rigby and Polly Christie
May 2013 Reciters Night -- Mac Craig and Stephen Whiteside
April 2013 Emerging Performers
Miss Lizzy
Dream Legacy
March 2013 Chris Aronsten
Video from the the night
February 2013 From Famine to Feast


December 2012 The Simpson Three
November 2012 AJ Leonard
October 2012 Danny Spooner
September 2012 A'cappella Night
August 2012 Klezmeritis
  Support act: FolkTrain
July 2012 Hugh McDonald
June 2012 Delia's Friends
May 2012 Munro / O'Callaghan / Titchener
April 2012 The Hollands
March 2012 Alistair Brown
February 2012 Dingo's Breakfast
Supporting Act: Graham Wilson


December 2011 The Rainmakers
November 2011 Nick Charles
October 2011 Fred Smith
September 2011 A'cappella night
August 2011 Unsung Heroes Of Australian History
July 2011 Youth Concert - featuring three exciting youth acts
June 2011 Fiddlesticks
May 2011 Dave Clark and Kathy Townsend
April 2011 Ted Egan
March 2011 Martyn Wyndham-Read
February 2011 The String Contingent


December 2010 Coolgrass
November 2010 K'crasher
October 2010 The Lurkers
September 2010 A'cappella night
August 2010 The Borderers
July 2010 Suzette Herft
June 2010 Keith McHenry
May 2010 Bill Jackson and The Accoustic Orchestra
April 2010 Mamas Mountain Jug Band
March 2010 Alistair Bown
February 2010 Saoirse