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The VFMCinc - Ringwood East Folk holds a concert on the second Tuesday of each month (in lieu of the usual Tuesday session). Top artists from the folk music world appear for a great value acoustic concert.

Open stage acts at the start provide opportunities for aspiring performers to gain stage experience. Sometimes a support act is also featured.

Information for prospective performers

Concert nights are on the second Tuesday of each month except January from 7.45 pm to 10.15 pm. Admission is $12 adults, $10 concession, kids with an adult are free. Everyone is welcome. The venue is the Community Hall,

Knaith Rd. Reserve, Knaith Rd., Ringwood East. Melway 50 B8.

Our next Concert

Tuesday, 11 April 2017 — Men in Suits

Men in Suits
Specialising in uninvited appearances in unexpected places at unscheduled times singing inappropriate songs to unsuspecting audiences. Since 2007 Men in Suits has surprised and delighted audiences with its repertoire of deadpan originals, revolutionary anthems, Georgian lullabies and classic pop songs (with twist). Its 20-plus members sing unaccompanied and unabashed in a style of their own.

Supported by Jesse and Jess

Future guest artists...
  9 May 2017 Featuring:-
  13 June 2017 Featuring:-
  11 July 2017 Featuring:-
  8 August 2017 Featuring:-
  12 September 2017 NULL

  10 October 2017 NULL

  14 November 2017 Featuring:-
  12 December 2017 Featuring:-

Past guest artists...
  March 2017 Enda Kenny  
  February 2017 Nick Charles  
Guest artists from 2016
  December 2016 Saoirse  
  November 2016 Simpson Three
Supported by:
The BUGGS, ukulele singalong group from Bennetswood
  October 2016 Three fabulous a’Cappella groups

The Buds
Shift the Table
  September 2016 Special Double Bill

David Campbell
Shearers Tally
  August 2016 Anatole Road  
  July 2016 Appalachian Heaven Stringband  
  June 2016 Danny Spooner
Supported by:
  May 2016 Shane Howard  
  April 2016 Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin  
  March 2016 Tidal Moon  
  February 2016 Garry and Georgia Rose
Supported by:
Dingo’s Breakfast

Index of artists from previous years

Information for Prospective performers
Due to limited time and popularity the Stage Manager cannot guarantee a slot to all aspiring open stage performers so it is best to arrive well before a concert starts to be in the running for a slot. The Stage Manager may give preference to acts that did not appear the previous month. Time is limited to 8 minutes total stage time and all performances are un-plugged, that is no mics or amps. Acts pay normal admission and need to have good audience rapport and ability in order to add value to a concert.
If a support act is scheduled they are generally allocated 25 minutes. Supports acts are paid a set fee and we can help sell your CDs and promote your act.