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Postal address PO Box 215, Ringwood East,
Victoria, Australia 3135
Email address
Telephone +61 3 9762 1389
Newsletter editor Maggie Somerville
Sessions Don Fraser
Concerts (Guest Night) Maree Buttler
Dances Bill Buttler
Billabong Band (Concert Party) Trevor Voake
Fireside Fiddlers Denise Hibbs -- 0402 050 524
Publications Steve Bullock
Publicity Don Fraser
Membership Trevor Voake
Webmaster Steve Bullock, Michael Hassett and Bill Buttler
Wattle Day Jane Bullock, Don Fraser and Maree Buttler
Youth Involvement Peter Read
Nariel Creek Folk Festival Jamie Molloy
Highland Games Liaison Bill Buttler


Office bearers:-

President Michael Hassett
Vice President Bill Buttler
Secretary Peter Kernebone
Treasurer Don Fraser
Committee Maree Buttler, Steve Bullock, Colin McLaren, Peter Read, Maggie Somerville, Trevor Voake.

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The official site of the Victorian Folk Music Club Incorporated (Reg No A2511Y) ABN 28 668 156 704

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