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Welcome to the VFMC

Victoria’s Oldest Folklore Club

Our goals are:
  • to preserve, research and popularise our Australian Folklore Heritage of traditional songs, music, poetry, prose and dance.
  • to encourage the creation of contemporary songs, music, poetry, prose and dance in the traditional style.
  • to maintain forums where singers, musicians reciters, dancers and interested organisations may exchange information, receive help and guidance for the understanding and promotion of Australian Folklore.

Regular Monthly Activities


Join our round-robin playing session.

photo of a session

Every Tuesday evening, except the second Tuesday of the month which is reserved for the Concert.

Check dates in January.

Next Concert
Tuesday, 11 April 2017 — Men in Suits
Men in Suits
Specialising in uninvited appearances in unexpected places at unscheduled times singing inappropriate songs to unsuspecting audiences. Since 2007 Men in Suits has surprised and delighted audiences with its repertoire of deadpan originals, revolutionary anthems, Georgian lullabies and classic pop songs (with twist). Its 20-plus members sing unaccompanied and unabashed in a style of their own.

Supported by Jesse and Jess

Next Dance

April 1st 2017

The Brumbies

First Saturday of each month (excluding January). Dances are called. Suitable for all ages. A different band each month. Everyone is welcome.