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WATTLE DAY Celebration

Saturday 5th September 2020

Wattle Day is a day to celebrate all things Australian. To stimulate an interest in music the Victorian Folk Music Club inc is presenting a day of music related workshops and sessions on Saturday 5th September.

Sessions are free, online and each workshop lasts an hour. Attend as many workshops, and the Family Bush Dance as you wish, just register your interest Here. When you book your ticket, the on-line access details will be sent by email. For help call Michael on 0407 094 929.

There will be two Zoom sessions running simultaneously, and time will be allowed to change over to the other session if you wish. Bring a pen and paper and your instrument all tuned up. You may wish to have refreshments handy too.

Here’s what it’s all about: (mouse over for details) or open the .pdf flier.

Start Zoom Session 1 Zoom Session 2
9.30am Improve Your Zoom Experience >

Notes for this session.


10.15am Finding Chords For A Tune >

Please print this worksheet prior to your session.

Slow Session For Fiddlers >

Notes for this session.

11.30am What’s A Dulcimer? >

Notes for dulcimers.

Notes for hammered dulcimer.

Activities for kids >


Lunch Break

1.00pm Australian Songs Session >

Tin Whistle Workshop >

Notes for this session.

2.15pm Dance Tunes Workshop >

Ukulele Jam >

Notes for this session.

3.30pm Zoom Dancing - a practical introduction >

A Brief Overview Of Latin American Music >

Notes for this session.



7.30pm- 9.30pm Family Bush Dance >

Kids’ Creative Arts Competition

Every year, all of Australia celebrates National Wattle Day. We celebrate National Wattle Day because Wattle is our national floral emblem. Wattle is Australian and represents us all. Wattle welcomes the spring, reminds us of the importance of renewal and paints our national colours across our landscapes.

The Victorian Folk Music Club is celebrating National Wattle Day on 5 September with a day of online folk workshops. This year, we are also excited to be running a Kids’ Creative Art Competition with Wattle Day as the theme. Please share this with any young families or children who you think might be interested.

What you have to do: draw a picture, make a collage, write a song, recite a poem or make up a dance showing what Wattle Day means to you. Take a photo or make a video of your creation and upload it to our Facebook page or YouTube. Lots of people will get to see what you have done and there will be prizes awarded for the entries that best demonstrate the spirit of Wattle Day.

Entries will close at 5pm on 2nd September. Prize winners will be announced at 12pm on Saturday, 5th September and posted to our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Victorian-Folk-Music-Club-1797258683859683 .

Please direct any enquiries to wattleday@vfmc.org.au .

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