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Joy Durst Memorial Australian Songbook

In accordance with the aims of the Association, to preserve, research and popularise our Australian Folklore Heritage of traditional songs, music, poetry, prose and dance of Australia, the 2020 edition of the Joy Durst Memorial Australian Songbook is made freely available for private, non-commercial use.

Cultural and language sensitivities

The VFMC has become aware of sensitivities relating to race, gender and other aspects of modern society. Readers are invited to peruse our guidance on these matters

Access Joy Durst content

From this page you can view the entire book in .PDF form, and access the resource files as described below:

View the book on-screen
Read the entire songbook PDF
(15Mbyte download).

Print the book
Choose which style to print
and download.

Download all resource files

Download specific resource files

Select Audio and Score files

First select the file type(s) required.

Then enter text from the song title you wish to locate. All existing records containing that text will be listed. Leave the box empty to list all song entries.

Search text:



List songs alphabetically
List songs by song number

Download Files to Print the Book

The printable book is available in two versions:

The "A" version with the first verse (and chorus) in the score, and other verses as text after the score.

The "B" version with all verses included in the score

Each of these printable versions is supplied as a set of three .PDF files, front cover (colour), body of the book (black and white) and back cover (colour).

Download the "A" version Zip file. Size 17Mbytes

Download the "B" version Zip file. Size 18Mbytes

Download Resource Files

The full set of resource files can be downloaded as a Zip file. Download size is 534Mbytes

The "Read Me" file describes the resource files which can also be purchased on a USB memory stick. Download the "Read me" file with information about how to use the resource files.

Download the Google Earth add in (kmz file) which allows the user to see where the locations mentioned in the songs are located and to obtain information regarding each location, including hyperlinks to the internet with additional information.

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