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The VFMC has run tutorials and workshops over the years, especially at Wattle Day celebrations. This page is where we are endeavouring to bring these valuable respources together in one place.
It is very much a work in progress and suggestions for additional content are welcome.

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Tootling with Tin Whistle with Maggie Somerville

The tin whistle is perhaps the cheapest musical instrument you will find, and it is pretty easy to play.
This workshop will set you on the right track to get a tune out of the penny whistle. Requires a whistle in the key of D.

Download Tin Whistle Notes

Keyboard Accompaniment  with Ellen Hundley

Keyboards come in all shapes and sizes, from those that fit in a school bag to the grand piano.
They are the fundamental instrument for constructing chords and accompanying your songs.
This workshop will introduce basic accompanying to your music with the keyboard.

Download Keyboard Accompaniment scores

Download sound files
Shepherd's Hey Keyboard
Shepherd's Hey Keyboard with Accordion
South Wind w Fiddle
South Wind w Keyboard
St Anne's Reel Keyboard with Scratchy Fiddles
St Anne's Reel Keyboard

The Other Spain with Bill Desaily and Ellen Hundley

When we think of Spain, we tend to think of flamenco. In this fascinating session we will explore the enduring Celtic roots which can be found in Northern Spanish and Portuguese music. Bring your instruments, three easy tunes to try.

Galician Tunes
O Son Do Ar Lyrics
Audio files
O Son Do Ar normal tempo
O Son Do Ar slower tempo
Alborada Gallega

Putting Chords to Tunes with Bill Buttler

Chords 101 looks at how to identify the key and mode of a tune and how to fit basic chords to it.
This workshop concentrates on standard anglo-celtic and Australian session tunes.
Suitable for any chord instrument - guitar, ukulele, keyboard, accordion etc.
Chords 201 builds on 'Chords 101. This more advanced workshop covers how to use all the chords to harmonise tunes and songs in major keys.
For all chordal instruments, music reading not essential.

Chords 101 Notes
Chords 201 Notes
Music scores
Video recording Chords 201

Ukulele Beach Party Singalong with Don Fraser

Whatever ones age or musical experience the ukulele is a fabulous way to get into music.
Easy to play and so light you can take it to the beach.
This session will fit you out with some great beachy songs that will have you crooning under the moon.

Download Ukelele Singalong Songbook
Notes from Wattle Day 2020

I Got Rhythm, Uke Got Rhythm with Bruce Watson

Whatever your age or musical experience the ukulele is a fabulous way to get into music. Easy to play and so light you can take it anywhere. And it is much more fun and sounds so much more interesting when you can vary the rhythms. Varied rhythms don’t have to be complex to be effective and have impact. Bruce is an expert on this wonderful little instrument and will guide you through some simple but effective ways to bring out the best in the ukulele.

Uke Rhythm Workshop notes
Uke Rhythm Workshop audio file

Imagine They Are All Naked: The Art of Performing! Bruce Watson

Many of us have the urge to perform, but find the prospect scary. Bruce has been performing his songs across Australia and overseas for over 30 years.
He will share his tips for dealing with nerves, playing to your strengths and addressing your weaknesses, stagecraft, building a set, dealing with sound guys, and more!

Download Performing Workshop Notes

Tasmanian Tunes Workshop with John and Trish

Join John and Trish as they share their repertoire of uniquely Tasmanian dance session tunes.
A little bit of history will be thrown in, and notation will be provided for you to add to your own collection.

Tasmanian Dance Tunes

Dance Tunes Workshop with John Tomlin and Trish Williams

John and Trish (aka ‘Fiddle & Squeeze') are enthusiastic players of traditional Australian dance tunes and play a wide range of genres at dances, festivals, busking, concerts etc. including a regular session in Hobart for six years. This is an all-in ‘at speed’ session with handouts to play along with. Includes a brief explanation of the historical background and sources. Tasmanian tunes are a feature this year. Suits reasonably confident dot / chord players so bring your instrument or just come and listen.

Dance Tunes notes and scores

Playing Melody For Guitarists with Bill Buttler

Branch out beyond chords. Start learning how to pick out a tune on your guitar just like the fiddlers!
For all levels, music reading not essential.

Download Melody on Guitar Notes

Scots Gaelic Folksong Workshop with Linn Phipps

Direct from the UK, Linn will host this workshop on her particular interest, Scots Gaelic folk songs.
Linn will teach the lovely Ceilidh song The Eriskay Love Lilt in Scots Gaelic and English.
Explanatory materials pre-supplied and no prior knowledge of Gaelic is required.

Eriskay Love Lilt Eriskay Love Lilt Gaelic
'S ann an Ile music
Download sound files
Eriskay LL song LP
Eriskay Love Lilt Gaelic

What's A Dulcimer? Bill Buttler & Ken McGregor

This information session covers two quite different instruments, the Appalachian Dulcimer and the Hammered Dulcimer.
It provides background and shows how they are played and how to get one if interested.
Dulcimer players are encouraged to join and share a tune or two.

Notes for Dulcimers
Notes for Hammered Dulcimers

Free Reed Instruments by Don Fraser

Here are some instructional notes on some free reed instruments, the Harmonica, the Anglo Concertina and the Button Accordion.

Free Reed Harmonica, Box & Button Accordion
Anglo Concertina
Button Accordion
Playing Henry's Waltz

An Introduction to Diatonic Reed Instrumernts  with Don Fraser

Diatonic reed instruments like the harmonica, button accordion and anglo concertina all work in much the same fashion. Understand one and you’ll have a good handle on the others. Bring a C harmonica, one of those cheap little 10 hole ones will do fine. Other instruments welcome.

Introducing Diatonic Instruments

A round introduced by Bill and Ellen at the 4 June 2024 Session. Posted temporarily for group practice.

View Onawa's Waltz
Download Onawa's Waltz

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