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The VFMC database holds lots of music PDF scores, MP3 files etc. Many other web sites hold other music files of interest to Australian folk musicians.

This search function lets you access these files. You can list all tunes (a rather long list!) or select all or part of a tune name:

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Enter text from the Tune name(s) you wish to locate. All existing records containing that text will be listed, along with any known aliases. Leave the box empty to list all entries (Danger: a long list!).

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This search function accesses resources from the following locations. We thank the organisations who have granted permission to link to content in their web sites.

Joy Durst Memorial Songbook Joy Durst Memorial Australian Song Collection
Australian Tradition VFMC "Australian Tradition" newsletters
Billaong Band VFMC Billabong Band dance music collection
Australian Folk Music web site Australian Folk Music web site
Australian Folk Music web site David Johnson's NFF "Bush Orchestra" scores

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