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The VFMC hosts an archive of newsletters as PDF documents. As well as the VFMC's 'Tradition' and 'Gumsuckers Gazette', we host publications from the Folk Song and Dance Society of Victoria'.

Some old issues of 'Tradition' are yet to be scanned.

This search function lets you access these files. You can list all newsletters (a rather long list!) or select a list based on date, organisation, the publication name or a full text search.

Note The full text search function across all newsletters is not yet fully implemented. This function requires a major data aquisition task which is currently in progress. The text search is applied across all newsletters that meet other selection criteria. The text has been extracted from the old newsletters by optical character recognition (OCR) which sometimes has problems interpreting old, faded or ill-formed text. Until OCR is completed and recognition errors have been corrected, some text which should match your search may not be found.

Each individual newsletter .pdf file can be searched for text using standard .pdf functionality.

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