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Information for Prospective Performers

Thank you for your interest in performing at our concert in Ringwood. Here is some general info about the event.

The gig

Ringwood Folk is a Tuesday night event run by the Victorian Folk Music Club (VFMC). The second Tuesday of every month is reserved for a concert-style “guest artist” night (other Tuesdays are ‘session’ nights). We kick off at 7.45 pm with floor spots, break for supper at about 8:45, then resume at 9:00 with the guest performer(s). They play until around 10:00, and finish up by chatting with the audience, selling CDs etc.

Occasionally (3-4 times a year) we have a paid Support Act as well as the main guest act. On these nights, we commence floor spots at 7:45, the Support Act commences at 8:15 and runs to supper at 8:45, then resume at 9:00pm with the guest performer(s) as usual.

The audience

We are a pretty traditional club – the average age of the audience would be mature-age, they are attentive and appreciative. Our audiences love singing along, and appreciate tunes they can recognise. That’s not to say we are not open to contemporary pieces - check out the list of Past Performers

The venue

Ringwood Folk was formerly held at the Ringwood East Community Hall. Unfortunately after 30+ years we have had to leave the venue as the hall has been demolished.

After three years at Ringwood Uniting Church Hall, we are now, as of July 2024, using the East Ringwood Senior Citizen’s hall, 2-8 Laurence Grove East Ringwood.

We are essentially an acoustic venue. The absence of sound equipment speeds up set-up time and means that there is a much closer relationship with the audience. Recently we have started using a single microphone with a small bar speaker to help ensure that the audience can hear performers’ vocals over their instruments. In certain circumstances, generally where a very quiet instrument is involved, we have permitted appropriate amplification. If you think this might be necessary, please contact us before you accept a gig offer from us.

We make a video recording for each concert, mainly for feedback to the performers, but also as a source of short highlights for promoting our concerts on Facebook and the website. We used to live broadcast the concert via Zoom to paying online audience, but this ceased from August 2023. We do make the recording available as a paid option for people unable to get to the Concert; but the full video recording will not be made public. If you are concerned about any potential video recording, please contact us before accepting a gig offer from us.


We charge $15 general admission, $13 for concession card holders and $11 for VFMC members. Children are admitted free. We are a family-oriented club, and we try to keep charges low, especially given it is a weeknight.

We pay our Guest Artists 80% of the net door takings (after overheads), subject to a minimum of $300. Support Acts are paid a fixed fee of $75.

Confirmation and Publicity

We generate publicity via printed flyers and posters distributed to other clubs, local public places, local newspapers and community radio stations. To enable us to confirm your booking please send the items listed below to concerts@vfmc.org.au as soon as possible. This will enable us to start generating publicity. Any links to web sites etc will be included on our guest artist page.

• A couple of good high-resolution pictures suitable for printing.
• One or two mp3 tracks or a CD if you have one. These are for radio airplay
• Website / Face book / social media addresses
• A short descriptive biography.

Don’t forget to use your own mailing lists, social media, other gigs etc to promote yourself!

Contact details

Phone: Maree +61 411750462
Post: PO Box 215 Ringwood East, Vic 3135
Or Maree Buttler, 37 Crossman Drive, Croydon Hills, Vic 3136

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